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The Alger Hiss Trial and Testimony to the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) convicted longtime State Department official Alger Hiss of perjury in connection to charges of espionage for the Soviet Union in 1950. Hiss was just one of the many civil servants tried and forced to testify about communist activates in the United States during the second red scare. Lloyd Paul Stryker, a NYLS alumnus and former criminal attorney in New York, was the led defense attorney for Hiss, producing several hung juries before being replaced by Claude Cross. Federal Judge Henry W. Goddard, Class of 1901, presided over the second perjury trial of Hiss, which resulted in a conviction of perjury and a 5 year sentence for Hiss.


Stryker, Goddard, Alger Hiss, Purjery