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585 F.3d 639 (2009)

LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Liberty Insurance Corporation, LM Insurance Company, Employers Insurance Company of Wausau, Wausau Business Insurance Company, Wausau General Insurance Company, Wausau Underwriters Insurance Company, Peerless Insurance Company, Peerless Indemnity Insurance Company, The Netherlands Insurance Company, Excelsior Insurance Company, The American Fire and Casualty Company, The Ohio Casualty Insurance Company, Plaintiffs-Appellants, v. Robert H. HURLBUT, Donald T. Decarlo, C. Scott Bowen, John F. Carpenter, Denis M. Hughes, Charles L. Loiodice, William A. O' Loughlin Jr., Kenneth R. Theobalds, Patricia Smith, In Their Official Capacities as the Commissioners of the New York State Insurance Fund, Zachary S. Weiss, Donna Ferrara, Mona A. Bargnesi, Richard A. Bell, Geraldine Chapey, Candace K. Finnegan, Scott C. Firestone, Agatha Edel Groski, Karl A. Henry, Mark D. Higgins, Frances M. Libous and Ellen O. Paprocki, In Their Official Capacities as Members of the New York State Workers Compensation Board, Defendants-Appellees.

Docket No. 09-1215-cv.

United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit.

Argued: June 22, 2009.

Decided: November 4, 2009.

New York Law School location: File #3821. Box #154