Chester Carlson, Class of 1938, Inventor of Xerography Stands with Five Prominent Businessmen Before Meeting with President Roosevelt.


Chester Carlson, class of 1938 is the inventor of the Xerox Machine. In the picture above he stands with five prominent businessmen before meeting with President Roosevelt.

The caption reads:

Big business men talk with Roosevelt. Washington, D.C., Jan. 11. Five of the nation's outstanding business men conferred today with the president at the White House, they are shown just before entering the White House, they are, left to right:

Colby Chester, Chairman of the Board of the National Manufacturers Assoc.;Ernest P. Weir, President of the National Steel Corp; Lewis Brown, President of the Johns-Manville Co.; Alfred P. Sloan, Chairman of the Board of General Motors; and M.W. Clement, Pres. of the Pennsylvania R.R., 1/11/38.