Immigration Law Service, 2d

Immigration Law Service, 2d


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Completely revised, Immigration Law Service provides a practical and current approach to today's immigration-related issues. This title fully integrates changes brought about by the abolition of the INS and the shift of that agency's functions to various agencies in the Department of Homeland Security. This looseleaf binder set includes hands-on guidance for tackling virtually any immigration or naturalization situation, as well as the INA, relevant statutes, and agency guidance.

Features include:

• Analysis of the current law

• Relevant statutes

• Rules and regulations

• Research references to help you find additional materials quickly

• Practice and finding aids to speed up your responses to your clients' needs

• Relevant agency manuals and memoranda and presidential documents

• Analysis of the processes for seeking admission and gaining entry, providing or obtaining citizenship, and citizenship documents

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Immigration Law Service, 2d