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Speeches and Writings #32

American Bar Association Section of Litigation, Fall Annual Meeting, October 23, 1987 (Chicago, Illinois)

Appellate Practice Committee , The Don’ts of Oral Argument , subsequently published in 14 Litigation 3 (Summer 1988) (ABA Journal of the Section of Litigation), reprinted in American Bar Association, Section of Litigation, Appellate Practice Manual 263 (Priscilla Anne Schwab ed., 1992); & New York State Bar Association, Committee on Federal Courts and the Committee on Continuing Legal Education, Federal Court Practice Coursebook, Appellate Practice in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit 121–23 (Fall 1988)

32. The Don’ts of Oral Argument _2 use this.pdf (919 kB)
APPELLATE PRACTICE MANUAL 263 (Priscilla Anne Schwab ed., 1992)