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Lloyd Griscom graduated from New York Law School in 1895. Griscom was a worldly man and wore many hats throughout his life time. He was the Ambassador to Italy from 1907 to 1909, and to Brazil from 1906 to 1907. He served as Minister to Japan from 1902 1906 and to Persia from 1901 to 1902. He held an embassy post in Constantinople (1899-1901). During WWI he was a Major in the Army’s 77th Div. in France and ultimately, rose to the rank of Lt. Col. on Gen. Pershing’s staff.

In 1929 he became owner and Chairman of the Tallahassee Democrat and owned several other newspapers in Nassau County, N.Y. He wrote a number of books including Diplomatically Speaking, which was published in 1940. Griscom was an advocate for globalized free trade as a means to promote peaceful development in accordance with his Quaker faith.


Diplomat, Lawyer, Soldier, Author, Newspaper Editor, Griscom, Class of 1895