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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Remixes and sampling are part of our musical culture, but what’s the legality behind them? Copyright Criminals delves into this question by looking at the intersection between musical expression and copyright law. The film showcases different artists who sample, artists who have been sampled, and the legal scholars and practitioners who argue over how the law should control it all. After the screening, please join us for a moderated panel which will discuss the film, copyright, music, and more

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The panelists will include: • Tony Berman ’91: Founder of Berman Entertainment and Technology Law • Stephen Block: Vice President of Business Affairs and Senior Counsel for Harry Fox Agency • Lou Carlozo: Record Producer and Entertainment and Culture Journalist • Hope Carr: Clearance Consultant for Clearance 13’-8” • Moderated by Professor Dan Hunter

Where Did Your Sample Come From? A Screening of Copyright Criminals