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New York Law School • April 9–10, 2010

Harvard Law School • October 15–16, 2010

Got an idea about the future of U.S. legal education? Think it’s time to go clinical? Or global? Or virtual? Should law be combined with other fields of study at the graduate or undergraduate level?

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New York Law School and Harvard Law School are hosting a year-long contest of ideas about legal education. The kickoff event is a two-day conference for educators, employers, clients, and regulators at New York Law School on April 9-10, 2010, to identify problems, innovations and constraints, and to organize working groups to develop designs and strategies for implementation. Working groups will refine their ideas and reconvene for a second meeting at Harvard Law School on October 15–16, 2010. Final designs will be presented, with commentary, at New York Law School in April 2011.

Future Ed: New Business Models for U.S. and Global Legal Education