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Ï 1979 Jeffords Lectureship – The Hon. Benjamin R. Civiletti Ï American Management Associations at NYLS Ï Lost Alumni Class of ‘57 Ï Third World Resources Symposium Ï Media Law Symposium Ï NYLS Faculty in German American Newsletter Ï Class Secretaries Ï Guests at Jeffords Lecturship Ï Profiles: Dr. John V. Thornton Ï Bologna Program ‘79 Available to Alumni, Lawyers & Students Ï Law Review Editorial Board 1979-80 Ï Antitrust Symposium Published by Law Review Ï Faculty News Ï Admissions Activities Ï Arthur P. Fisch ‘75 NYLS Alumni Association DirectorÏ NYLS Student Protects Rights of Handicapped Ï Interested in Becoming a Class Secretary? Ï Alumni Notes Ï In Memoriam Ï Newsmakers Ï Commencement

In Brief, vol. 1, no. 10, May 1979