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Spring 1986


Ï 1986 Jeffords Lecture: Mayor Koch on City Corruption Ï From the Dean

Ï Injuries to Reputation and Invasions of Privacy: How New York Copes with the Constitution Ï Deinstitutionalization and the Homeless: Of Myths, Realities, red Herrings and the “Shame of America” Ï 1985 Alumni Association Annual Dinner Ï Mid-Year Commencement Ï Florida Alumni Gather at Palm Beach and Miami Receptions Ï Alumni Placement Committee Begins Drive Ï FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Ï CLASS ACTION Ï IN MEMORIAM Ï Literary Lunch Ï Planned Giving-A Summary Ï Breger Heads Administrative Conference

In Brief, vol 8, no. 4, Spring 1986