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Responding to rising food prices: The limits of international law

Avast! International law and piracy on the high seas

Upholding a safeguard in the “war on terror”: The right to challenge government detention

The Responsibility to Protect: A new approach in stopping mass atrocities

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization: Legal aspects of its evolving security mission

Fleeing from Iraq: How effective is the UN refugee convention?

Fighting Internet censorship through international trade

Lowering oil prices by suing OPEC?

Outsourcing reproduction to other nations?

Anti-anorexia law in France

Legal rights for apes in Spain

Foreign libel suits and the protection of free speech

The Olympic Games and freedom of speech

International Criminal Court: Mistrial of its first trial?

International Criminal Court: Another first: Arrest warrant for sitting head of state

New rules regulating sovereign wealth funds?

Hefty tax bill for renouncing American citizenship

Will a new treaty end the trouble with bomblets?

More government surveillance in the works?

The United States in Iraq: Laying a new legal foundation for continued U.S. involvement

Publication Date

Fall 9-17-2008


Center for International Law | New York Law School


New York, NY


International Law

The International Review | 2008 Fall