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The U.S. Supreme Court and Global Warming: National and International Implications

Hedge funds: In need of international regulation?

Universal jurisdiction: Prosecuting any crimes committed anywhere?

Is the WTO Providing More Access to Essential Medicines?

KORUS: A trade agreement binding the United States and Korea?

The Outsourcing of Torture: “Extraordinary rendition” still shrouded in secrecy

“Enforced disappearances” convention: A casualty of the war on terror?

A better definition for “crime of aggression”?

Food safety: Weaknesses abroad and at home

The world’s first publicly-held law firm: Opportunities and dilemmas

Ethiopia v. Starbucks: A brewing trademark dispute?

Hitting the pocketbooks of human rights abusers?

Law of the Sea Treaty: Sink or swim?

Flying in more competitive skies? The Open Skies Agreement

Publication Date

Fall 9-24-2007


Center for International Law | New York Law School


International Law

The International Review | 2007 Fall