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A New System of Law and Order in the “War on Terror”

Will the new national space policy lead to weapons in space?

Judgment at Baghdad: Justice served or a miscarriage of justice?

UN Peacekeeping: Possible adjustments in the face of continuing limitations?

Federal Internet gambling ban: A bluff or ace in the hole?

Cybercrime Convention: A threat to criminals and individual privacy?

International Criminal Court: The First Case

Double jeopardy facing jeopardy in England?

Taxation without representation in the nation’s capital

Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy

Terrorist and legal blacklist?

Is the Human Rights Council breaking with its past?

Does membership have its rewards? Reforming the IMF

A better way to regulate toxic chemicals?

Will a new convention improve the intercountry adoption process?

Disabling discrimination against the disabled?

A SWIFT way to combat terrorism?

Global trade negotiations back on track?

Stare decisis in the making?

WTO: Summaries of decisions: Hundreds of pages condensed into one

Publication Date

Spring 2-24-2007


Center for International Law | New York Law School


New York, NY


International Law

The International Review | 2007 Spring