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Protecting animal welfare: Overview and future prospects

Does greater use of criminal law prevent the spread of HIV?

“Vulture Funds”: Preying on poor countries or pursuing deadbeat nations

Protecting migrant workers: The legal framework and status of debate

“Ideological exclusion”: Keeping out people who don’t share your views?

Asylum in the United States for foreign homeschoolers?

Does Arizona’s anti-illegal immigrant law violate international law?

Kosovo: A license for more independence days around the world?

The crime of aggression on the slow road to becoming a crime

Gulf of Mexico oil leak: Any role for international law?

More protection for salamanders, but not for coral, polar bears, sharks, and tunas

Will a new agreement finally stop counterfeiting and piracy?

Teaching international law to terrorists can be a federal crime

Right to water and sanitation officially recognized as human rights

Fewer tour boats, but cleaner sailing around Antarctica

Publication Date

Fall 10-1-2010


Center for International Law | New York Law School


New York, NY


International Law

The International Review | 2010 Fall