VIDEO | The Participation of Victims in International Criminal Proceedings: Challenges to Effective Legal Representation

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Spring 4-25-2023


Dr. Rudina Jasini will give an overview of the jurisprudential and practical challenges facing the legal participation of victims in international criminal proceedings (such as those taking place at the International Criminal Court and various ad hoc or hybrid international criminal tribunals), and will also discuss approaches in providing them with more effective legal representation.

Dr. Rudina Jasini, Fellow of Law, University of Oxford; Co-Leader, ESRC Impact Acceleration Award Project Advancing the Impact of Victim Participation at the International Criminal Court: Developing Avenues for Collaboration; and current Defence Counsel, Kosovo Specialist Chambers, The Hague.

Lecture Chair: Ruti G. Teitel, Ernst C. Stiefel Professor of Comparative Law at New York Law School; Director, Center for International Law and the Institute for Global Law, Justice, and Policy; and author of Globalizing Transitional Justice (Oxford University Press, 2014).