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Survey Shows Grade Discrepancies, page 1

Dean Hosts Alumni, page 1

Re Named Chief Customs Judge, page 1

Carter Aide and Beame Speak Here, page 1

New Fac:ulty for '77 -'78, page 1

Alumni Profile: Thomas O'Toole, page 2

ABA Prexy Urges Support for ERA, page 2

New Faculty Hired for Next Year, page 3

The How (But Not Why) of Exams, page 5

N.L.G. Activity Increases, page 10

Admission Standards Raised, page 10

So You Want to Be A Lawyer?, page 11

The Question Is: Can You Type, page 11

Equitas Whips Law Review, page 12

Law Review Elects Editors, page 12

Equitas, vol VIII, no. 7, Monday, April 25, 1977