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Law School, Karen Gross, Seymour Feig, City Law Breakfast, Nick Scoppetta, joint degree


Legal Education


Table of Contents

Perspectives: Sacrifice and Law School, page 2

Interview with Professor Karen Gross, page 3

The Sensational Sabrina Bagdasarian, page 4

NYLS Alumnus Professor Seymour Feig Discusses the Art of Teaching, Music, Making Movies, Television and Woody Allen, page 5

City Law Breakfast features Nick Scoppetta, page 6

Volunteer for Justice – Domestic Violence Project, page 7

Who’s Who at NYLS, page 9

The Dynamics of Law School: Secrets Revealed, page 12

Gerry Adams and the Peace Process of the North of Ireland, page 15

King of the Hill, page 16

Legal Mode of Thought, page 17

Letters to the Editor, page 17

Control by Cleavage: The New Feminist Movement?, page 20

Student Organizations, page 22

Keys to Financial Success, page 28

Exposing the Myths, page 31

Joint Degree Programs Offered by NYLS, page 32

New York Law School Reporter October 1997