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Nicholas Tsoucalas, Yorka Linakis, Stanley Ostrau, Zuhayr Moghrabi, sexual harassment, constitutional rights, Hank Greenberg, New York Law School, Public Interest Campaign, Media Law, Professor Michael Botein, due process


Civil Rights and Discrimination | Communications Law | Constitutional Law | Sexuality and the Law


This newspaper contains:

Sexual Harassment on Campus, page 3

Who's Doing What at New York Law School, page 3

Students Fight Judicial Boards for Constitutional Rights, page 4

Use Your Class Notes to Unlock a Greater Understanding of Your Course Material, page 5

Centennial Gala Honors "Hank" Greenberg, NYLS '50, page 5

New York Law School Public Interest Campaign, page 5

Media Coverage of the Thomas Hearing: Setting a National Agenda, page 9

An Interview with Professor Botein, page 10

NC 17 - Effective Change or Another Way to Spell X, page 10

The Need to Reimpose Public Interest and Local Programming Standards on Broadcasters, page 10

Legal Entertainment in Television, page 11

Due Process and the Media, page 12

Damages and the Arts, page 13

A New Clinic at NYLS, page 19

HIV Testing: A Personal Experience, page 22

The New York Law School Reporter, vol. 9, no. 3, November, 1991