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Roe v. Wade, attorney general, abortion, Rudy Giullani, faculty evaluation system


De Novo, vol 5, issue 2, November 2007

Letter from the Editor of De Novo, page 1

Senate Judiciary Hearings: Can Judge Mukasey Fix Attorney General Debacle?, page 1

Post-Soviet Privatization and the Rise of the Oligarchs, page 2

On Anniversary of Roe, Abortion Debate Heats Up, page 3

The Big Bottom: Does New York Law School Harm the Rest of Us by Giving Away Too Much to the Top 15%?, page 4

Rudy Giuliani: A Man of Many Questions, page 5

New Faculty Evaluation Forms On Tap for Fall, page 7

Have You Been Doing Volunteer Work? Public Service Certificate at NYLS, page 7

De Novo, vol 5, issue 2, November 2007