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John Marshall Harlan, Fred Berman Profiles, Professor Joseph H. Koffler, Charles Froessel, Rehabilitation, prison overcrowding


Equitas, vol 3, no. 4, Thursday, February 17, 1972

If Lindsay Splits, page 1

Samuel Speaks, page 1

Clinical Program Instituted in NJ, page 1

Froessel Eulogizes Justice Harlan, page 1

New York Law School Alumni Association News, page 2

NYLS Grad Refutes Edgar Smith Story, page 3

Contenders Oppose Degree of Federal Intervention, page 5

NYLS Students Appear On Berman T.V. Show, page 6

McGann Lauds Frat Work; Announces Dinner Dance, page 7

Rehabilitation: Fact Or Fiction Part II, page 11

The Speedy Trial Conundrum, page 11

New Facilities : Answer To Prison Overcrowding, page 11

Practical Legal Education At NYLS A Reality, page 12

Equitas, vol 3, no. 4, Thursday, February 17, 1972