Patient Safety Project
Steven E. Pegalis and Irwin R. Merkatz, M.D. as co-directors of the New York Law School Health Law and Patient Safety Project have developed an electronic data base of anonymous closed medical liability cases along with “feedback” from physicians, professional risk managers and other stakeholders for the purpose of creating a dynamic discussion online and elsewhere of patient safety issues. This dynamic discussion of patient safety issues is intended to be an adjunct to safety efforts that already are part hospital, medical and liability insurance risk management programs, Dr. Merkatz, who is Emeritus Professor and former Chair for more than 33 years of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Women’s Health at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine has a long career involving innovative medical advances that have made women’s healthcare safer and more effective. Mr. Pegalis, who is a member of the New York Law School Board of Trustees and an Adjunct Professor of Law teaching Medical Liability has written and lectured on issues of patient safety. Some of the anonymous closed liability cases have been acquired through a process in which in which a member of the judiciary has confirmed the accuracy of the legal fact pattern. The Office of Court Administration has authorized such a process with the proviso that the data may not be used to influence current or future litigation. Dr. Merkatz and Mr. Pegalis have assembled a group of advisors from national healthcare organizations, hospitals, insurance companies, risk managers, physicians, nurses, attorneys and other stakeholders so that the project may to the greatest extent possible achieve the aims of promoting the public good.


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