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Fall 2021


Despite frequent criticism of Socratic and case-method teaching, the core teaching in most foundational law classes has been remarkably stagnant. But in a time of turmoil and reexamination of the traditions we have all inherited, there is also opportunity for meaningful adaptation to the modern era. This Article introduces Directed Questions methodology as an alternative to the traditional teaching models currently operating in most law schools. Directed reading pedagogy allows legal educators to seamlessly transition to a modern and effective pedagogy incorporating best practices which recognizes that fostering inclusion and the success of diverse students is mandatory in post-Langdellian legal education. The Article takes the form of an extended discourse between two experienced legal educators, and in that way simultaneously explains and partially exemplifies the Directed Questions learning method.


University of Detroit Mercy Law Review, Vol. 99, Issue 1 (Fall 2021), pp. 1-52