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Fall 2022


It is my purpose to ground this article in ubuntu and the politics of radical love as applied to the goals of #MeToo and its pursuit of redress for victims of sexual harms. Part II explores the convergences and divergences of #MeToo with feminist campaigns of an earlier era. Part III questions whether a renewed quest for gender equality, largely spawned by a Twitter/social media campaign, may lead to sustainable change built on notions of empathy and restorative justice, which influenced Tarana Burke when she founded #MeToo. Part IV examines restorative justice approaches in the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission as a way to address the harms of sexual violence. I conclude in Part V with possibilities and limitations in the restorative justice approach to redressing these kinds of claims.


Texas A&M Law Review, Vol. 10, Issue 1 (Fall 2022), pp. 113-134