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This report is one of a series of Working Group reports from the Alliance for Experiential Education in Law, collected in “Experience the Future: Papers from the Second National Symposium on Experiential Education in Law,” 7 Elon Law Review 1-108 (2015). The Report of the Working Group on Cost and Sustainability seeks to provide a basis for thoughtful analysis and discussion of both the values and costs of experiential legal education by breaking those values and costs down into their component parts. The way these component parts are arranged will vary from school to school, and this report does not attempt to catalogue every possible combination. Our aim is to categorize the types of value that education adds to experience and the types of costs that need to be assessed, providing a basis for more nuanced discussion of the cost and sustainability of experiential educational programming in law schools. The challenge educators face is not the hypothetical comparison of one clinic and one doctrinal course, but the shaping of programs in which the benefits of experiential education can be realized as fully as possible while the costs are recognized and effectively managed.