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In this article, I discuss my historical involvement with therapeutic jurisprudence (TJ), how I use it in my classes (both in the free-standing TJ class and in all the others that I teach), its role in my written scholarship, and its role in conferences that I regularly attend. Although this is all positive and supportive of all efforts to widen the appeal of TJ as well as its applicability in the classroom, in scholarship and in “real life,” I also share some information that is far from optimistic with regard to the way that TJ is being reacted to by law students and law teachers. I am deeply saddened by this, but feel that this must also be “on the table” in any reflective conversation about TJ. I conclude that TJ adherents create strategies so that the substantive insights and perspectives contained in TJ-related scholarship become known to the legal academy and to practitioners in this area of law and policy. I also believe it is necessary to consider the adoption of TJ from a generational/career development perspective; what does the conventional scholarship/teaching mode say to both junior and senior law professors who want to do TJ-related work?