VIDEO | Issues in Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

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Spring 3-7-2022


As the Russian attack on Ukraine continues to unfold, many consequential issues have arisen, including the unilateral and unprovoked attack of one sovereign nation on another, the use of force under international law, the rights and obligations concerning refugees, the use of economic sanctions, and responsibility for aggression and war crimes, among many others. Our panelists will discuss these and other issues confronting the world community in the most serious challenge to international peace and security in the post-Cold War era.

Professor Ruti G. Teitel, Ernst C. Stiefel Professor of Comparative Law, Co-Director, Center for International Law, New York Law School

Professor Lenni Benson, Distinguished Chair in Immigration and Human Rights Law, Founder and Senior Advisor, Safe Passage Project, New York Law School

Professor Barry Appleton, Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law, Co-Director and Senior Fellow, Center for International Law, New York Law School