NYLS Law Review


Courtney Arena

Managing Editor

Tara Holzer

Executive Editors

Kevin Frank

Keith Olsen

Sarah Raymond

Amadna (Spo!) M. Spoto

Associate Managing Editor

Cory Maiorana

Executive Notes and Comments Editors

Fable Avison

Ryan Pfutzenreuter

Notes and Comments Editors

Francesca Del Maestro

Katya Dzyubenko

Hunter Hinden

Craig Kapaj

Ellie Sanders

Katherine Vaskevich

Digital Reference Editor

John Christopher Lopez

Legal Scholarship Editors

Elly Bergen

Michael Genoino

Executive Citations and Substance Editor

Kimberly Barbour

Citations and Substance Editors

Joseph Calendrillo

Jacob George

Development Editor

Katherine Condon

Faculty Publisher

Michelle Zierler

The Executive Board's biographies are available on the Law Review's website.