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The Lawyer from Antiquity to Modern Times With Particular Reference to the Development of Bar Associations in the United States. By Roscoe Pound, Dean Emeritus of the Harvard Law School. A Study prepared for and published by the Survey of the Legal Profession Under the Auspices of the American Bar Association. St. Paul, Minnesota: West Publishing Co. 1953. Pp. xxxii, 404. $5.00. Reviewed by Paul M. Hamlin, Professor of Law, New York Law School

Civil Liberties and the Vinson Court. By C. Herman Pritchett. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. 1954. Pp. 297. $5.00. Reviewed by Mathew Foner, Member of the New York Bar

Fundamental Law in English Constitutional History. By 3. W. Gough. New York: Oxford University Press. 1955. Pp. ix, 229. $4.00. Reviewed by Edward McWhinney, Professor of Law

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