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THE CHALLENGE OF LAW REFORM, (The William H. White Lectures, University of Virginia Law School, 1954.) By Arthur T. Vanderbilt. Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1955. Pp. vi, 184, and 10 (index) with annotations. Review by: FRANKLYN C. SETARO, LIBRARIAN AND PROFESSOR OF LAW, NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL

CRIME, COURTS, AND PROBATION. By Charles Lionel Chute and Marjorie Bell. New York: The Macmillan Company. 1956. Pp. 268. Review by: STANLEY N. NISSEL, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF LAW, NEW YORK LAW SCHOOL

LEGAL CONTROL OF THE PRESS By Frank Thayer. Third Edition. Brooklyn: The Foundation Press, Inc., 1956. Review by: Harold Burns, Member of the New York Bar

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